Underfloor Heating



    Moderate temperature

Do not feel neither cold nor hot with this heating system .

    Homogeneus Temp

There are not cold areas inside the room.

    There are no drafts

This way floating dust can be stopped and the problem of blackened walls, ceilings and curtains disappears.

    It is odourless.  It is completely silent

It improves thermo-acoustics insulation, since it is necessary to place a 2-centimeter layer of a cold-and- noise insulating material, thus giving the house much better quality.

    Relative air humidity

It does not heat the air, only solid surfaces. The natural humidity is not afected by this system, wich avoids annoying respiratory problems.

    Atmophere thermostats (one in each hollow)

All supplies of free heat generated by lighting, solar radiation, house hold appliances, machinery, etc, are useful.

    Probe thermostats:   (One in each hollow)

They are set at 29ºC (according to Regulations) wich is considered the maximum floor temperature for people´s confort.

    Timer in each flat

They can be programmed to switch the heating on at night time.

    Rooms free from heating elements on the walls

There is an improvement in appearance: Modern architecture tends to look for cosy open spaces with very big floor-to-ceiling windowpanes

    Lowest bricklaying requirements

    No boilers, furnaces, chimneys or fuel tanks

 Higher space profitability.

      No maintenance

Burner cleanings, boiler breakdowns and pipe leaks are discarded.

    Guarantee: 10 years.